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A unique solution for girls at risk – a school that will always ensure that they have a place:

- To continue where they were left off.

- To matriculate.

- To raise their religious and scholastic level.

- To develop the social and basic vocational tools that will help them once they graduate.

A school away from school...

The Olamot High School was opened 7 years ago, as a complement to our accommodation and support services for girls at risk.

One of the first casualties when a young woman’s life is turned upside-down is her education. Few girls are able to maintain regular attendance in school while living in a crisis zone, or moving from friend to friend. As a result, many simply never complete their educations, a fact that only compounds their social isolation. For those who are forced to be on the move from a young age, it often takes years to make up the lost time. Some never do.

Olamot’s high school is one of the fundamental building blocks in our service. (For an overview of our services and their interaction, click here.) The school provides what no other Jerusalem school for girls can: a flexible framework that can accommodate newcomers at any point in the year – and one that augments the scholastic structure they need with the emotional and spiritual guidance they seek. To do this, we have had to structure our school a little differently: rather than formal classrooms, instruction is built around small, intimate groups, and augmented by individual tutoring. A highly individualized program, based on person lesson plans, ensures that our program is able to accommodate the very specific situations and levels of each girl who enrolls with us. Not only does this give each girl a great deal of freedom in choosing their courses and the subjects which they want to learn; it ensures that they are given the personal follow up they need to succeed. Every girl's program is overseen by our program director to make sure they are making the most of their schedules.

In addition to basic baccalaureate instruction, our program allows young women to learn vocational skills along with their studies. For many young women, the lack of a support structure or a community means that when they graduate, they will need to be even more self-sufficient than most women their age. Vocational classes (in everything from graphic design to computing), externships and career counseling to provide graduates with job placement services form a fundamental part of our program.

Our school is nationally accredited, and recognized by the Ministry of Education. In 2012, we were endowed the Ministry’s special award for educational excellence. It is a milestone which we hope to turn into a tradition.