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Meet Some of the Girls

T.K. was given no attention, love or value in her family of 10. She came to the Pnimiya feeling all alone and worthless, although on the outside, one would never know what kind of turmoil and pain exists within. T. enjoys living at the pnimiya, as she appreciates the company of other girls, has developed a strong relationship with the staff, and is gaining from the night classes. We also work on a "self-esteem journal" where we focus on setting goals, addressing challenges and daily accomplishments, helping her become aware of herself, her strengths and abilities. T. has a full schedule which consists of meeting her mentor twice a week, her weekly therapy appointment and her part time job helping a woman with her children. T. walks around feeling like she has a new shot at life. She is thinking about how she can become more independent than she is right now. She is learning boundaries and how to stand up for herself. Her newfound identity with Self-esteem has been helping her forge ahead in many areas.

Y.B. arrived at The pnimiya with a heavy heart. Her physical needs were not met at home, because her mother was unable to provide, due to her turbulent mental illness of Borderline personality disorder along with Bipolar disorder. Y. has been fending for herself and needed a place to relax and take care of herself. Y. has been looking so much calmer and expresses appreciation for finally having a space to develop herself, get to understand herself from the night classes and from the lengthy conversations she has with the staff, in which she feels supported, accepted and gets to a place of clarity on current issues she is grappling with. Currently, she is attending school and working part time. Y. feels wonderful that she is able to graduate, and hopefully move forward with becoming financially independent. Y.'s emotional stability and resilience has been improving, as she has been going to therapy twice a week and has been moving upward in strides. We are very pleased with how Y. is going toward a very positive direction. She is also making friends in the dorm and feeling a lot more confident in herself in social settings. We anticipate Y to continue her good work in terms of emotional growth, developing a strong sense of self and continuing to move toward financial independence, and clarity in her spiritual life.

J.S. arrived here with a big smile on her face. J. has a history of complex trauma and puts a nice smile on her face to cover up her pain. She has been so relieved to know that she has a "home" where she can fall apart emotionally and slowly rebuild herself. J has been attending Nevey Yerushalayim classes during the day, as she has deep questions about Judaism that she currently grapples with, as her family became religious during J.'s adolescent years. J. also gains a tremendous amount from out evening classes. J works part time and is feeling accomplished about her full schedule and how she is moving toward the "full person" she wants to become. She feels lucky and fortunate to be able to focus on herself; she has begun therapy and has been showing significant improvement. J. expresses appreciation for having The pnimiya in her life and how she feels that she finally has a support system that is providing her with her needs in a real way.

We hope that we can continue being there for our girls, and improving our services so we can provide our girls with the ultimate, in the hope that they will succeed in their personal, emotional, educational and spiritual lives. We anticipate much more continued Bracha in doing this project and feel confident tha

our exciting plans

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