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Rivka Finkel, MA, CASAP, RTC, – Director

Rivka Finkel is the founding director of Olamot. Rivka has dedicated her life for this cause, and is the de-facto mother, school dean, and life mentor for the girls. Rivka is a professional Counselor and Therapist, and is currently completing her doctorate in Counseling Psychology. Rivka provides professional staff guidance. Rivka is available at all times and in all ways for the personal wellbeing of each individual student.


Moran Noymak, B.Ed. in special education – Principal of the High School

Moran has been running the educational division at Olamot for many years. Her leadership qualities and her love her for fun has helped her create a unique model of education – 'learning can be fun'. Because this model enables success, it empowers the student to continue further. She enables the girls to choose the classes they want to take, yet demands that they stick to their commitment. Moran's method has become well known because of its high success rate of girls finishing high school, and with excellent grades.

Racheli Nachum – Administration

Racheli runs the office in a very affective and organized way. She's the first to greet the girls in the morning when they come to school. She's in charge of attendance, payroll, and tuition. Most importantly, she creates an inviting, informal atmosphere as she'll make sure the girls have had breakfast and offer them hot drinks, and this is why the girls look forward meeting her every day.

Tirtza Blochorsky – Logistical Manager of the dorm

Tirtza oversees the order, cleanliness, and general maintenance of the dormitories. She'll try to fulfill every girl's special request of specific foods or utilities with a smile. That is why the girls look forward to meeting her as they come in.

Baila Toker – Cook

Baila prepares hearty delicious meals for the girls. She includes the girls in her cooking preparations, all the while teaching them the secrets of the trade. Her Challah baking workshop is extremely popular, and therefore it is no wonder why the girls leave here with excellent culinary abilities. Baila previously worked as an Dorm mother in a girls hostel. Baila has experience with teenagers and adds a warm and loving atmosphere to the dorm.


Etty Sofer –Student Council

Etty takes charge of all the extra-curricular activities including special events, trips, shabbatons and overnights. Being that she's very creative she's always coming up with exciting ideas that the girls love and look forward to.

Maayan Chamu, BA in Sociology – Program Coordinator of the dorm

Maayan is very well liked by the girls. She has the perfect balance of being firm, fair and friendly. She headed various programs and initiated unique models of working with challenged teens in different communities which proved to be very successful before she joined Olamot. Maayan has been in charge of the extra-curricular activities in the dorm for over three years. She oversees Intake, follow up with parents, contact with the student's school/teachers.

Mrs. Chana Fogel & Mrs. Yael Meshi – Dorm Counselors

Chana and Yael have been coming into the dormitory over the last few years. They are both very warm and enthusiastic individuals. They help the girls with their physical wellbeing, ie; medical appointments, budgeting, laundry, etc.
Their unique personalities radiate a positive atmosphere in the dorm, thereby welcoming the girls stay and giving them a feeling of home.

Chaya Ben Porat, BA psychology – Program Coordinator of the English speaking group

Chaya is someone that cares tremendously about the success of the girls. She is in charge of the evening classes, trips, and extra-curricular activities. She sees to the smooth running of the program. Chaya's past experience in dealing with teens from different backgrounds adds a unique dimension to the dorm.


Reut Nachum, MA– Social Worker

Reut is the clinical director of the program. She oversees the girls' emotional wellbeing. She is in charge of setting up the girls with the proper therapist, and is in touch with the therapist on a regular basis. She facilitates the group therapy, and presents the program in different conventions, seminars and government assemblies in order to initiate awareness and informs of the needs of challenged teens today.

Leah Kuntsler , MA psychology – Dorm Mother

Leah is a warm and giving person. She is there for the girls as a listening ear, and always has a good piece of advice and a word of encouragement. She will often arrange surprise birthday parties and melava malka events at her home. She prepares chicken soup for when a girl is sick. The girls know that they have a shoulder to lean on.